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29 December 2020

What the Coronavirus Has Changed

Remote work and Technology: How the Coronavirus Has Transformed Work The physical absence of employees from their workplace does not hinder them from successfully completing their daily tasks
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3 November 2020

Remote Work and Technology: What the Coronavirus Has Changed

Remote work and Technology: what the coronavirus has changed By promoting telework, both the government and numerous business leaders have contributed to limiting the spread of the coronavirus.
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16 September 2020

The Brokerage Days September 2020

The Insurance Brokerage Days in Paris is the annual gathering of key players in the insurance industry in France and Europe. The exhibition brings together 200 product suppliers and...
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14 September 2020

How does a CRM contribute to improving sales efficiency?

How does a CRM improve sales efficiency? Do you want to boost your sales force? Save time for your salespeople? Assist your managers in...
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8 September 2020

Balancing remote work and performance: everything you need to know

Balancing Remote Work and Performance: Everything You Need to Know Remote work is gaining popularity. More and more employees are interested in this mode of work...
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1 September 2020

AI-Powered CRM: An Exceptional Tool for Businesses

AI-powered CRM: An Exceptional Tool for Businesses Do you want to convert more prospects? Foster customer loyalty? Then, you must provide the best customer experience...
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25 August 2020

BPM-CRM Software: 5 Compelling Reasons to Combine These Two Tools

BPM-CRM Software: 5 good reasons to combine these two tools Are you looking for a customized solution that can encompass your entire company's ecosystem? Such a solution would...
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11 August 2020

The digitalization of customer relations

The digitalization of the customer relationship Are you looking to streamline the customer journey? Is your sales strategy not personalized and instantaneous enough? Do you aspire to establish closer proximity between...