Charlotte O

Remote Sales Manager

As a manager, Geoprod Insurance allows me to communicate and track my teams with unparalleled accuracy.

Thanks to the dashboard I have a complete vision of the activity, whether by day, week, month, year, etc...
When we use leads, they arrive in real-time, allowing me to be much more responsive. The dispatching of opportunities is done automatically according to an initial configuration, resulting in better organization of sources and optimal processing of prospect stocks.Geoprod insurance integrates a rating engine that allows us to offer the most suitable solution to our clients in record time, enabling them to subscribe online with electronic signatures or receive a quote by email or mail. The instant result tracking ensures ease of analysis and efficiency in my decision-making at any time.

Chloé F

Management Supervisor

From the Geoprod insurance management platform

I have a clear view of the case I am handling, I can see the actions or modifications that have been made by the advisor or by another manager or accountant, I can also create "tickets" in real time, which allows for dynamic interaction between all departments. Among other facilities, the secure payment interface, accessible directly from the case, allows me to process unpaid invoices directly while remaining on line with my client...

Frederic I.

Sales Director

If I were to compare the evolution in my role as a sales director between working with a product like Geoprod insurance or not, I would use the example of a salesperson with or without a smartphone.

Geoprod insurance provides me with a comprehensive view of all the provided opportunities, real-time conversion rates, and the resulting revenue. The analysis of statistical data allows me to see where we are performing well and why, whether it's by salesperson, campaign, specific period, customer segment, or other factors. These detailed reports have become essential for informed decision-making. With Geoprod insurance, I know what works, why it works, and where and with whom it works effectively. This enables me to adjust my business model and optimize my results.

Jacques L.

Field Sales Representative

Geoprod Insurance has allowed me to totally change my way of working, no more need for paper underwriters for each company, the integrated underwriting tool and comparator allow me to propose the most accurate offer to my prospect

It is an important time saver with the certainty that my work as a consultant is well done.
Geoprod insurance provides invaluable support in terms of client follow-up, ease of follow-ups, and geolocation of other prospects around my appointments. The after-sales service is handled by our management teams, and I can see the progress of a case at any time and respond to my clients in real-time. With Geoprod insurance, my revenue has significantly increased. There was a before and an after Geoprod. Geoprod insurance has been designed for use both from my home and when meeting clients, without losing any benefits.

Sabine L.

Distance Sales Representative

Thanks to Geoprod insurance, my opportunities are better managed and utilized, and my telephone calls, emails, etc. are automatically linked to my records, making my approach much more professional
Moreover, an intelligent agenda automatically manages my reminders and alerts, constantly offering me the best choice of action through advanced algorithms. Géoprod insurance also integrates highly efficient comparison and pricing tools, enabling me to be faster and more effective in selecting the solution offered to my prospects.
The transition to membership is very smooth with a secure electronic signature, in compliance with the regulations... which allows me to offer with the same efficiency the automated implementation and follow-up of the cancellation letter. With Geoprod insurance, no more duplication... communication is instantaneous with the other services, the processing history is automated, all requests are listed and processed, which satisfies the customers. With Geoprod insurance I am much more efficient, I manage my time better, which explains the impressive increase of my turnover.

RGPD compliant, GeoProd allows me to track all interactions, listen to call recordings, archive all documents. This tool also allows me to enforce standards and business processes with templates for contracts, emails, documents shared and updated instantly! With GeoProd quality is assured, I recommend it!