What the Coronavirus Has Changed

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Remote Work and Technology: What the Coronavirus Has Changed

The physical absence of employees from their workplace will in no way hinder them from accomplishing their daily tasks, given that the company is equipped with a powerful solution. If you also wish to enable your employees to work efficiently from remote locations while maintaining oversight of the activities performed by your remote teams, a reliable CRM-BPM tool is indispensable.

Continuous, Easy, and Fast Remote Information Sharing

Remote work entails a new working environment for your employees. No more informal exchanges at the office or around the coffee machine! You will need to find an effective way to facilitate sharing so that your team members are kept informed about project progress and don't feel isolated at home. They will also need constant access to all the information they usually have at the office in order to perform their tasks just as productively.

With a reliable CRM-BPM software, your employees will have access to a platform for sharing essential information related to their work, no matter where they are located. This will enable them to work efficiently and autonomously.

Improved Data Organization and Project Tracking

This forced experience of remote work has highlighted certain shortcomings in the information systems of many companies. However, it is precisely these gaps that can hinder your employees from working efficiently outside their usual workplace.

For instance, a disorganized database can lead to confusion, which in turn results in decreased productivity. This is especially true when your employees are working from home with numerous potential distractions. With a comprehensive CRM-BPM solution, information related to ongoing projects becomes easier to organize, locate, and utilize.

Some companies still use separate systems to manage their customer data on one hand and their internal business functions on the other. A two-in-one system that can centralize information and distribute it in a timely manner to remote workers will simplify your life during periods of remote work.

Improved Organization and Task Coordination

The centralization of stored information and the use of workflow tools will allow your teams to clearly define responsibilities and tasks for each individual within a process.

A rigorous and intelligent organization facilitated within your company will enable you to achieve your objectives and reach results more quickly, even in remote work conditions. If your teams are not physically together, they will still have the impression of truly working together thanks to GeoProd's CRM-BPM solution.

This tool will also assist each remote worker in developing personal work methodologies. With a clear overview of the set goals and the means available to achieve them, everyone can organize themselves effectively without wasting time.

Efficient Control of Activities, in Any Circumstances

The CRM-BPM solution provides you with functionalities that ensure productivity and control of your remote teams. The tasks performed, ongoing activities, and information entering, exiting, and circulating within your company will hold no secrets for you. Managers can easily monitor the progress of missions dedicated to their teams remotely and ensure the continuity of their business effectiveness.

As you may have understood, telework and technology are inseparable. GeoProd's unique and intuitive platform offers you a virtual workspace that is accessible and functional around the clock, enabling your employees to remain motivated and high-performing in any circumstances! Our solution, which facilitates remote work, has already ensured the business continuity of numerous companies during the lockdown. So why not adopt it for your own organization?