Balancing remote work and performance: everything you need to know

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Balancing remote work and performance: everything you need to know

Remote work is gaining popularity. More and more employees are interested in this mode of operation that was once considered marginal. And the lockdown measures due to Covid-19 have only reinforced this trend! This period of "forced" telework has changed mindsets within many companies. Working from home has numerous advantages for employers and employees, but it also poses a significant challenge for HR departments. Fortunately, tools have been implemented to facilitate this new way of working. Let's delve into all of this in more detail!

The advantages of remote work

Balancing personal and professional life
Remote work is becoming increasingly popular because it allows for an improved quality of life. By working from home, you can dedicate more time to your family instead of being stuck in traffic. With a little organization, you can arrange your schedule more flexibly to spend more time with your loved ones.

Designing your workspace as desired
Whether it's in the living room facing the window or in a personalized home office, you can choose the place in your house that inspires you the most to work. You'll be in your own inspiring cocoon, rather than in an office set up for an entire team of employees.

Reducing travel and fuel consumption
No more wasted hours every week commuting to the office! You'll finally have time to dedicate to your hobbies in the morning and after work. This reduction in travel is also great news for the planet and for your wallet.

Working without being distracted by colleagues
By working from home, you'll finally be able to complete a task without being interrupted by a colleague. As you'll be less distracted by what's happening in your workspace, you'll be more productive at work. You can work calmly and at your own pace to avoid falling behind on your tasks.

Reorganizing office spaces
Teleworking is also an opportunity for the company. With fewer people in the premises, the workspace can be adjusted according to the reduced number of on-site workers. This means that you'll have more space to create relaxation areas and arrange desks with more distance between them.

New roles for HR departments

Given the growing importance of teleworking in the business world, HR departments need to find new organizational methods to monitor employees. Their mission is to ensure that employees manage their working time properly. They will need to strike the right balance between rigidity and flexibility to support managers in implementing all the necessary changes within the company.

Tools to facilitate teleworking

Communication platforms
To communicate effectively, it is essential for your company to equip itself with collaborative tools. Your employees will be able to exchange instant messages, make voice or video calls from any device, and in a secure manner.

Web conferencing solutions
Having tools to set up web conferences is essential for efficient and secure teleworking. Your teams will be able to hold remote meetings that are just as effective as face-to-face ones.

Document sharing solutions
Equipping your company with document sharing solutions will also simplify collaboration between teleworkers, traveling salespeople, and office-based employees. Documents stored in the cloud become collaborative and can be shared and edited in real-time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
CRM systems allow for effective and efficient customer relationship management. All data is centralized in a single tool, and your employees can access it from anywhere they work. Ideal for teleworkers, but also for mobile salespeople! A good CRM is essential for optimal customer satisfaction.

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