Journées du courtage septembre 2020

The Brokerage Days September 2020

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The Brokerage Days in Paris are the annual meeting of key players in the insurance industry
in France and Europe. The exhibition brings together 200 suppliers of products and services
for Brokers, Insurers, and Mutuals.

Neopolis Development invites you to visit their booth during these two days (September 15th and 16th, 2020). It is an essential appointment to present you with completely innovative solutions and services, such as Instant Rating & Comparison, an instant premium calculation and coverage comparison platform for all your partners.

GeoProd, a comprehensive CRM-BPM tool accessible in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. No need to buy or install software anymore, the "SaaS" mode allows you to use our solution online by simply subscribing to a subscription.

An ideal solution for Insurers, Mutuals, and Brokers in the digital transformation of all their processes, an exceptional tool combining the power of the best CRMs, the organization and compliance of BPM, and the artificial intelligence of machines.


How does a CRM contribute to improving sales efficiency?

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How does a CRM contribute to improving sales efficiency?

Do you want to boost your sales force? Save time for your salespeople? Help your managers be more productive? In the digital age, it is essential to have a CRM software to enhance sales efficiency, especially in the banking and insurance sectors. This Customer Relationship Management tool allows you to centralize all information regarding your prospects and clients. This way, you will have a clear view of your company's activities. Let's focus on CRM as a sales performance tool!

Unwanted phone calls, closed doors, and impersonal emails that clutter business inboxes while delivering a message that is irrelevant to their needs: traditional sales prospecting seems to have its limitations. These outdated practices usually result in a waste of time for your teams. Incomplete contact details and outdated information force your teams to manually work on databases to try to update them.

Improving sales force performance

An excellent reporting tool for managers
In order to make the best decisions for the company's development, managers need to analyze, measure, and track the performance of their sales teams.

A CRM software will enable team leaders to visualize customer and prospect data in a matter of seconds. With key performance indicators, they can generate reports and share them with the salespeople. It's a real driver of growth for your company!

A mobility solution for field sales representatives
Between their various client meetings, your sales representatives spend a lot of time on the road. In order for them to remain efficient in their tasks, it is essential that these mobile teams have access to all customer data, no matter where they are.

With a CRM software, the sales representative can connect to the central system from any device. Before their meeting, they can review the customer relationship history and make more effective proposals. During the meeting, they can take customer orders and generate quotes. By equipping your mobile agents with the right tool, you enable them to enhance their sales efficiency.

Better synergy between teams
If you want to improve the sales performance of your teams, it is important to enhance communication between managers and mobile sales representatives. In a CRM software, all customer data is consolidated in one place. This tool promotes interactive work: all your collaborators can access the same database and have visibility on tasks to be accomplished, scheduled meetings, and events. This centralized information will enable your teams to be more productive.

Increase sales efficiency through internal organization

A CRM to automate repetitive tasks
Your sales representatives should spend the majority of their time on selling, but the reality is quite different. Their schedules are usually divided between sales tasks and administrative tasks. What if you could save time and effort for your teams through a suitable tool?

CRM is the ideal solution to accelerate the growth of your business through the automation of low-value tasks. Your teams will only need to define processes (or workflows) and then automate them. For example, they can automate the email prospecting system, lead allocation, or appointment scheduling. Your employees will be able to fully dedicate themselves to sales tasks and be more effective in sales operations!

A software to prioritize leads
Not all prospects and customers have the same potential. If your teams spend all their time and effort on the wrong targets, they won't be very effective. Instead of manually analyzing all customer data, you can use a CRM software that will automate the prioritization process. Your sales team will know who to contact first among the list of leads.

Support for structuring customer information
To facilitate daily activity tracking, all data about your customer base will be structured in client or prospect profiles. Your sales teams will have access to clear and relevant information about the customer relationship history at any time. Sales representatives can leverage this data to implement email or phone marketing actions. It's an effective way to reach new prospects or foster customer loyalty.

Providing better customer service

A tool to enhance customer support
With an integrated ticket management system within the CRM, you can offer improved after-sales service to your customers. If they have any questions, they can simply send you an email, call you, or respond to the contact form on your website, and a ticket will be automatically created. This system enables you to respond quickly, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction!

At GeoProd, we offer a CRM-BPM solution tailored to the banking, insurance, and mutual sectors. Our tool will assist you in generating personalized automated responses specific to your industry. Enhanced customer support is crucial for boosting sales efficiency!

A solution to engage with customers at the right time
As your CRM analyzes customer data, you can create personalized campaigns targeting them. These campaigns will be triggered at the opportune moment for each individual customer. By creating customer segments, your teams can optimize every sales opportunity.

Efficiently manage your business relationships with GeoProd, a highly effective tool that ensures the improvement of your sales forces, optimized internal organization, and enhanced customer service!


BPM-CRM Software: 5 Compelling Reasons to Combine These Two Tools

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BPM-CRM Software: 5 Compelling Reasons to Combine These Two Tools

Are you searching for a personalized solution that can encompass your entire business ecosystem? Such a system would help you enhance performance and efficiency in managing your business processes. GeoProd has developed the perfect solution for banks and insurance professionals—a tool that combines Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). While BPM provides you with an overview of the relationships within your company, CRM enables you to effectively manage your client portfolio. Let's delve into the 5 compelling reasons to combine these two tools using an all-in-one BPM-CRM software.

A Quick and Easy Solution to Combine BPM and CRM

The speed at which the coupling process occurs depends on the chosen BPM solution. Regardless of your choice, Geoprod guarantees a reliable and customized BPM-CRM software that adapts to the functioning of your company.

To make the right choice, we recommend opting for a BPM solution that allows easy access and synchronization of your company's data across all the applications you use.

For time efficiency, we also suggest selecting workflow templates that are compatible with all your company's activities and can be applied to all your business processes. Of course, it's essential that your BPM tool integrates with your company directory, ensuring easy access for all your employees.

Rely on our expertise to ensure you consider all the essential elements when choosing your BPM solution!

A BPM-CRM Tool to Optimize all Business Processes

Implementing workflow templates through a BPM software within your company will enhance coordination of tasks, data, and exchanges among your teams and, more broadly, among all your collaborators.

This overall coordination will facilitate the work of each participant in every process. As a result, all tasks will be consistently performed efficiently and logically. Optimizing certain processes or workflows will enable your employees to follow the correct steps to easily achieve the desired outcomes.

A BPM solution becomes particularly valuable when a business process requires data and information exchanges among multiple collaborators and business information systems. With traceability of exchanges, it is also relevant when you need to measure the performance of a business process for audit reports, for example.

As for CRM, it typically includes workflow functionalities that ensure optimal management of your client portfolio and are suitable for short-duration processes, such as call tracking. This feature is especially useful when creating a sales lead, for instance.

A Simple and Visual Tool Integrating Customer Relationship Management for Creating New Processes

Save time with intuitive and practical visual design tools provided with your BPM solution! Certain features will assist you in quickly creating workflow templates that are useful for various business processes.

With its visualization tools, your BPM tool will gather all relevant information from your CRM and ERP, enabling you to easily access the right information at the right time.

BPM and CRM to Make Life Easier for Internal Users

It is often necessary to consider information from multiple systems (ERP, HR, etc.) to make informed decisions. That's why quick accessibility to a BPM solution that consolidates all the company's information systems can be essential.

Fast access to decision-relevant information will provide maximum convenience for users. They will be able to track the progress of an established process by accessing information from other systems, such as the ERP, and collaborating with relevant team members.

CRM users will have easy access to all the information and tools they need to act in the best interest of the company, improve its performance, productivity, and customer service quality. They will be able to quickly create forms for business applications, among other capabilities.

A BPM-CRM software to extend customer relationship management (XRM)

By combining multiple applications and solutions into a single platform, we enter what is called "XRM", which is an extended Relationship Management model.

This evolution of Customer Relationship Management takes into account the entire functioning of the company as well as all its key internal actors. You will thus optimize all the external relationships maintained by the company (partners, customers, prospects, shareholders...) in an optimal way.

This comprehensive and powerful solution allows you to automate all relational processes through visual and interactive tools that bring together all essential information for decision-making within the company.

As you have understood, Geoprod is a solution that will benefit both your employees and your company. With the BPM-CRM software, you will be able to monitor and manage the processes in place from a single platform. You will be able to analyze and evaluate all your employees, as well as manage all incoming, outgoing and circulating information exchanges internally. Communicating and collaborating optimally has never been easier!


The digitalization of customer relations

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The digitalization of customer relations

Are you looking to simplify the customer journey? Is your sales strategy not yet personalized and instantaneous enough? Do you aspire to have closer connections between your company and your customers? You're absolutely right! Nowadays, consumers are more volatile and have access to an increasingly abundant range of options. To satisfy and retain them, it's essential to place them at the heart of your digital strategy. New technologies will assist you in achieving these new goals. GeoProd provides an overview of the digitalization of customer relations and its significance.

Evolution of customer relations in the digital era

Increased proximity between consumers and the company
The digital landscape has a significant impact on the level of proximity between your company and its customers. Indeed, an increasing number of communication channels are used to stay connected to consumers.

If your customers have a question or concern, they can contact you via phone, email, a form on your website, or even through social media. You can also keep them informed about your various offerings through these same channels. The digitalization of customer relations allows you to be connected to them at all times.

That's why it's essential to nurture your digital strategy. Your website should be regularly updated, your customer service should be easily accessible via email and phone, and you should remain active on social media. Your communication skills and ability to engage will set you apart from your competitors by providing a responsive and personalized service.

The consumer becomes an active participant in the customer relationship process

Consumers now have access to all the offerings in your industry thanks to the internet. Whether they're on Google or social media, they are constantly prompted by advertising to discover new products and services.

They can read reviews from other customers, compare prices, and form their own opinions. In the digital age, personalized and humanized communication is essential to retain your customer base. Your prospects and clients should feel privileged!

Customer behavior analysis capabilities
To provide a tailored service to your customers, you must first get to know them. It's not an easy task, but it's crucial! New tools now allow you to analyze your customers' behaviors to personalize your offerings. One such tool is customer relationship management software (CRM). This type of software collects customer data and centralizes it on a single platform. As a result, your teams can analyze this information and make appropriate decisions.

The CRM will enable you to optimize the customer relationship before, during, and after the purchasing process. You can send emails at the right moment and maximize your conversion chances. Through this individualized communication, your customers will feel unique, and you will optimize your return on investment.

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Big Data and the digitalization of customer relationships

Big Data allows companies to gather massive amounts of customer data. It complements the information provided by cookies, enabling you to implement more precise and targeted marketing campaigns. As a result, you can convert more prospects and retain your current customers!

GeoProd, our CRM-BPM software, leverages Big Data to help you harness this metadata more effectively. By combining different pieces of information, you can determine the current needs of your customer base and even anticipate their expectations. This is an excellent way to design products and services that will truly be useful to your prospects.

You can also use Big Data to determine the satisfaction level of your customer base. By analyzing customer data in your CRM, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your offerings. This will strengthen your brand image!

Marketing Automation to personalize your customer service

For increased efficiency, Marketing Automation is essential in today's world. This technology allows you to segment your customer base based on analyzed customer data and send personalized messages. A CRM equipped with Big Data is indispensable for creating customized marketing campaigns and advertisements. It enables you to easily adapt to demand, enhance the customer experience, and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

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What if you put the human element back at the center of your digital strategy with a CRM-BPM powered by Big Data technology? Gain sales efficiency by automating your marketing campaigns and make your customers feel like they are more than just a number. Discover without delay our exceptional software, GeoProd, and its numerous features.